The participants of the training seminars:

  • are informed about the amendment of the law no. 505/1990 Sb., as amended by the law 119/2000 Sb. and 137/2002 Sb.
  • are informed about the importance of metrology within the quality management system and know how to use it
  • review the principles of the metrology management in small, middle-sized and large organizations
  • know the new requirements on calibration according to EN 17025, including the usage of uncertainties
  • are informed about the possibilities of further education in the field of metrology
  • are introduced to a practical application of the ISO 10012 standard – the confirmation system
  • see practical examples of modern calibrations performed right on the customer’s site
  • gain more experience from metrology-related audits as presented by managers of well-known companies

The topics covered are:

  • metrology-related legislation in the Czech Republic, law amendments, the subject of the packaged goods
  • practical use of metrology within the quality management system
  • metrology management within organizations, authorities and obligations
  • metrological regulations and common problems with their creation
  • use own or bought calibration? – customers’ requirements on calibration
  • the purpose of uncertainties and their practical use
  • metrology-related education in the Czech Republic, possibilities
  • measuring equipment maintenance, stocking, calibration of the stock items
  • application of the ISO 10012 standard – confirmation in the production process
  • the possibilities of measuring equipment division, marking and categorizing
  • experience from audits, flaws in metrology as viewed by the auditors
  • examples of modernization of the practical calibrations with the possibility of performing the tasks on the customer’s site