The accredited calibration laboratory No. 2286 performs the measuring instruments calibration according to the Certificate of Accreditation issued by Czech Accreditation Institute, eventually utilizing the § 5 paragraph 6 of the law no. 505/1990 Sb., as amended by the law 119/2000 Sb. and 137/2002 Sb. of the same law, while demonstrating the connection to the national measurement standards of the Czech Republic.

We conduct calibration in the following fields:

pressure, temperature, weight, length, electrical quantities, pH and conductivity

In most cases it is possible to perform the calibration right in place, saving the time and money of our clients.

Along with calibration we offer measuring loop confirmation including , včetně calibration of the measuring instruments directly during the production process.

Upon prior arrangement it is possible to shorten the supply date of the calibrations to minimum.