About Us

One of the key assumptions for ensuring high quality of products and services is choosing the correct measurement technology, the proper way of working with measuring equipment and its calibration according to the standard European methodologies.

Our organizations has been linked to this field in many important companies for many years and now we offer our professional view on metrology to you as well.

We provide our customers with complex metrology services as described in chapter “Inspection and Measuring Equipment” of the ISO 9000 standard family. The complexity lies in the full coverage of the field of metrology – creation of methodical processes, item registers, marking, the calibration itself and – last but not least – vindication of the metrological system during the customers’ audits. The customers also receive information on calibration status and plans on monthly basis.

As our organization is also an accredited calibration laboratory, we can perform all calibrations in accordance with the national measurement standards of the Czech Republic. The delivery time for contracting organizations is 48 hours.

Thanks to the modern calibration equipment we are able to perform many of the calibration tasks right within the technological process on the customer’s site, therefore saving time and money of our customers. All the calibration procedures are accredited.

Our progressive and economical view on metrology has proven itself good by many important national and international organizations. For those companies we pose an indivisible part of the general quality management system and by performing the other tasks of the system we have direct influence on the quality of the final products.

If this is the kind of service you need, feel free to contact us for more information.


MSP-Global CEO